The Lil’Skinny Band

The Lil’Skinny Band is a Arkansas based Southern rock band with heavy influences from Country, Blues and Southern Rock music to create one dominant sound. This band is centered around two time American Idol contestant, singer/songwriter: Ethan “Lil’Skinny” Kuntz. 

Lil’Skinny is a 23 year old musician from Nashville, Arkansas. Who got an early professional start at age 15 and is well respected with different touring acts all across the nation. Lil’Skinny is considered an upcoming artist to watch out for, after lighting a fire in many of the music scenes across the Ark - La - Tex region the past couple years with his raw and outlaw stage presence. 

Lil’Skinny has now put together a rocking band of musicians that are veterans of the music industry. He recently just recorded a new album in Nashville,TN to be released soon. 

With the experience of these musicians and the young drive and songwriting skills of “Lil’Skinny”. They all come together to form the Lil’Skinny Band.

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The Lil’Skinny Band